Are all plates 100% UK road legal?

Yes as a DVLA registered number plate supplier we are able to make and supply road legal plates. All our road legal plates have our companys legal stamp and the bottom centre of the plate and also our BS code in the bottom right. We also sell show plates at the customers request.

Why do you need our V5C/V750/Driving Licence?

As a DVLA registered number plate supplier we are regulated by the DVLA to get this documentation off of you. We need these to check if you are the registered keeper of the registration and also to see if the ID matches the V5C. DVLA enforces this rule and we have to follow it.

Do our plates come with a warranty?

Yes, all our plates come with a 3 months warranty. Our warranty covers for any damage to the quality of the plates i.e (Letters falling off, plate discoloration) We can assure you this will never happen though. We source our materials from the UK's leading manufacturers making sure our plates are a high quality standard (Unlike cheaper versions of plates found on the internet.)

How long does delivery take?

We aim to have your plates with you within 4-5 working days however we will contact you in advance letting you know if this changes. We will always try our best to keep you updated with your plates status.

What are show plates?

Show plates are plates for show use only, They will fail an MOT and if caught using them on the roads you may be fined up to £100. Show plates are plates with altered letter spacing or also having them tinted.

Where are you based?

We are based in South East London, Bexleyheath, Kent. If you wish to collect plates please make sure to contact us before/after purchasing that you would like to collect. Otherwise we will send them out as normal.

What makes them 4D plates?

4D is a industry standard term to differentiate the lazer cut plates from the gel resin plates, commonly refferd to as 3D. However our lazer cuts are just 3D letters and the gov website states 3D lettering is allowed.